Guided Meditation – Relax with guided meditation

Much of the experience you have whilst listening or watching ASMR videos is the result of guided meditation. Meditation is a powerful tool increase your calmness and relaxation, and can have an all around positive impact on your life. Forming the habit of meditation can increase you patience and concentration across all areas of your life.

Most people think that meditation is hard, something that you need special skills to be involved with. It is seen as some mystical and spiritual practice. Yes you can approach meditation from a spiritual point of view, and many find much value in this, however this is not at all necessary. You can also embrace meditation in the same way you would embrace having a massage or going for a jog. For meditation is these things and much more. Not only does it relax and calm you, but it helps build your mental fitness. It assists you in learning how to relax your mind, how to avoid getting flustered or angry, to be calm. And it makes you happier. It also teaches you how to focus. In the information rich world we live in today, the ability to focus is an often undervalued skill. There are so many distractions vying for our attention at any given moment, Facebook notifications, tweets, text messages, phone calls, emails, everybody is shouting at you all the time, wanting you to stop what you are doing and take notice. Yes there are ways to shut off some of these distractions. To disconnect from social networks, to live more in the moment and dedicate yourself to one task at a time. But there are times when you are unable to physically disconnect. You might be in an airport and need to get some work done before your flight. You might be waiting for an important email or phone call, so you can’t turn these things off. The ability, to get into the zone and focus in these situations in invaluable and can provide a huge boost to your productivity.

Chances are if you are interested in ASMR then you have already effectively been practicing meditation, as most intentional ASMR videos are essentially guided meditations in one form or another. What you might not have explored however is the huge world of meditation that has a much longer history than the ASMR community does.

Guided Meditation, the easiest way to begin a meditative practice.

For me I first got into mediation through guided meditation CDs and MP3 tracks. There are many providers of these, though my favourite is Brain Sync, who offer great relaxing tracks with high production values (not something necessarily found with all YouTube ASMR videos). Mostly guided meditations combine relaxing music with a soothing voice guiding you through a scene which you conjure in your head. As you go through the scene you progressively let go of more of your thoughts until you are completely absorbed and focused on the moment.

Even with guided meditation you won’t necessarily achieve everything you want on the first day, but it is certainly an easy route into building the habit of meditation. And you will find after only a few meditation sessions it will get easier and easier to slip into a relaxed meditative state.

The other side of guided meditation is its ability to hypnotise you, to make you more confident or quit smoking or in other ways change your life or behaviour. Now listening to guided meditations is no magic bullet, that old idea of listening to language learning tapes while you sleep and waking up being fluent in spanish is largely fiction. However, when combined with other methods and conscious effort, self-hypnosis with guided meditation s can aid you with the changes you are trying to make. And at the same time increase your relaxation and ability to focus.

Need a little more guidance?

Do you like the idea of forming a habit of meditation, and all the benefits that go along with it, but aren’t confident you know where to start by yourself? Don’t worry, many people feel like this when they first try to pick up meditation, I know I did. Luckily there is plenty of information available if you need a little more guidance than guided meditation tracks. Online video courses allow you the freedom to work at your own pace, yet the ability to find a more structured learning environment. This introduction to meditation is a good place to start.