ASMR Triggers – Common ASMR triggers that cause tingles

There are some ASMR triggers which you will find reoccur regularly in ASMR videos. Everyone’s personal triggers will vary slightly, what works for other people won’t necessarily work for you. Running through the list of triggers below might help you find new ASMR triggers that you didn’t know about, or hadn’t thought of before. Or if you are not sure whether you experience ASMR yourself, have a look at the list and you should be able to tell by the end. Remember, these are just the most common, and won’t necessarily work for everyone, so don’t worry if they don’t all give you tingles.

 ASMR Triggers

    1. Whispering

      This is possibly the most popular and common ASMR trigger, at least if the prevalence of You Tube videos is anything to go by.

    2. Scratching and tapping

    3. Blowing

    4. Bob Ross

      I must admit that I had never heard of Bob Ross before I discovered ASMR, and chances are that if you live outside America this will be the case for you too. Technically speaking Bob Ross is simply provides a good combination of many of the other common triggers, but because of his widespread popularity as an ASMR trigger I thought he was worth mentioning on his own. The great thing about being triggered by Bob Ross is that you can buy full length DVDs so you can quickly and easily get some ASMR going from the comfort of your couch.

    5. Pages turning

    6. Personal attention

      This trigger can encompass many different situations generally presented in ASMR videos through different role plays. Common themes include haircuts, facials, doctor’s examinations.

    7. Touching the head

      Touching your head or hair can be a trigger in the real world, however sometimes it can also be a trigger when simulated in a video.

    8. Concentration on a task

      If this is a trigger for you there are many tutorial videos that have been made that will trigger your ASMR unintentionally.


If you want to find out more about ASMR Videos or how to find them check out the ASMR Videos page. Often the most successful ASMR videos will include a variety of triggers, and sometimes that combination can produce much more of an effect than the isolated triggers themselves, for some good examples of this check out our round-up of cranial nerve exam videos.

None of these ASMR Triggers work for you?

Orgasmatron - an alternative ASMR trigger

Not everybody experiences ASMR, so it could be you fall into this group. Alternatively your triggers might simply be more obscure. If you can’t find anything that triggers the ASMR sensation for you, the only other way (that I know of) to experience the sensation is with a head massaging tool called the orgasmatron. Personally this produces tingles that are much more intense than any other ASMR trigger for me.  It is also a great way to explain the ASMR sensation to other people. They’re really cheap too.

  • Elysium Echo

    A minor detail, I know, but I’d really appreciate it if you wouldn’t call the head massager an “orgasmatron”. There are enough attempts by the media, both advertent and inadvertent, to sexualize ASMR, and we really don’t want newcommers to get the wrong idea. Those who experience ASMR may be able to easily look past the dis-analogy, but for those who don’t, it’s little things like this that make it that much harder.

    I say “dis-analogy” because when you think about it, ASMR is nothing like an orgasm, and in fact is closer to the exact opposite of an orgasm on the spectrum of things that feel good. Orgasms are short intense bursts that are characterized by tension, desire, need, etc. ASMR often involves letting go, relaxing and just being at peace. I think ASMR is a more anticipatory sensation, where often times the anticipation is actually better than the thing anticipated. But the anticipation of sex, without actual sex is for most people extremely frustrating.

    While the adjective “intense” is often used to describe the tingles, I’m not sure this is correct either, even though I’m not quite sure what’s wrong with it. Think: you would never say you had an “intense” nap, but yet “intense” ASMR often yields the best sleep.

    Call it a “tingletron”, or a “relaxacet” or something like that if you must, but please don’t call it “orgasmatron” (personally, I think “head massager” or “scalp massager” works just fine). I have one, and yes, I do agree that they are awesome btw. I also find that every time I discover a new massage toy/tool it always triggers me just to look at it.

    • Jeff Thomson

      Thanks for your comments Elysium. I used the term orgasmatron simply because this is the name by which I’ve always known those massagers. I didn’t make up the word, i believe it was a brand name that they were originally available under, perhaps that was just in Australia. But I understand your point. I’m planning a page outlining this issue, so I’ll be sure to include that link and clarify the text when that is ready.

      I do think that you can have a nap which is more intense than another nap, it’s about comparing how full on a sensation is, and I can’t think of another way of saying quite the same thing.

      Thanks for stopping by, I always love getting feedback.

      • Elysium Echo

        Ah, I see what you mean now, but if you do a search on Google for “orgasmatron”, you’ll get enough *other* hits to make you wonder. It’s good for a laugh anyway. There’s a firebox link that describes it as “The worst case of Dodgy Naming in the history of everything”, lol.

        While I will admit that ASMR (and sleep) is definitely the kind of thing that admits of “more” and “less” descriptors, I’m still not convinced that it is “intensity” that is the proper target of the “more” and “less” (btw, do you see what I mean? “intense” by itself isn’t a term of comparison. You need to introduce “more” and “less” for this… but more and less what?). However, I’ll also admit that I’m at a loss to suggest a better term. Maybe this is the kind of thing that merits it’s own category, and eventually we’ll just say that something is more or less ASMR… doesn’t quite have the same ring to it though…

        • Bojorco

          It is indeed the name it is sold under. I bought one in Brazil. One
          was used on me at a party, and the person said it was only sold at sex
          shops, which I thought was weird because it was not a sexual stimulus at
          all. But I still ran out to a sex shop and bought one. A year or so
          later Bed, Bath and Beyond had a heavier-duty one with thicker wired and
          thicker bulbs at the end of them, and it had a different name and was
          manufactured by a different company as the one I got in Brazil.

      • Max Parr

        I think ASMR has been associated with a sexual background even before the name ASMR was used to describe the feeling.
        ‘Attention Induced Head Orgasm’ was the first recorded name for this experience and can be found when searching for ASMR origins. I believe (unfortunately) theres always going to be a sexual association. Also, the fact our body is flooded with endorphins also gives those who either a) lack in knowledge and b) the media a reason to think ASMR has such a strong sexual link.

    • José Monsanto

      “ASMR often involves letting go, relaxing and just being at peace. I think ASMR is a more anticipatory sensation, where often times the anticipation is actually better than the thing anticipated.” — Best description EVA’! Thank you

    • Mandee

      I agree; the orgasm analogies are horribly off, in my experience. I’ve had ASMR since childhood, though I’m new to learning that not everyone does. For me, it’s really a subtle, pleasant tingle in the scalp, and sometimes shoulders. It is not an intense feeling at all. Just very peaceful and pleasant.

  • smow

    I have a battery operated tingler. It’s awesome. I don’t consider myself to have ASMR tho. It just feels good like a scalp massage :)

  • MrGamma

    The cranial nerve examinations are the best. The ASMR’tists here are excellent

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  • justwondering

    Hi I’ve had these sensations all my life. Can anyone else have these sensations by just thinking? It took me time but now I can control the way the waves go ie left side or right side, half way down or all the way down the legs and how strong the sensation is but always starting at the head. I’m sure everyone gets the sensation when listning to music and other stuff like that but can anyone tell me if others can control this sensation and if it is used in meditation? I get this sensation when relaxing but also when im in some kind of threat and it makes me more calm in case I need to defend my self. some times I cant control it and happens when im out and about but most times control able, its like electric tingles that go in waves one after the other and you can hold one wave for awhile in one spot of body, just thinking about is giving me the tingles.

    • squallleonhart1 .

      Sounds like ‘frisson’ to me. Similar to ASMR, but completely different.

      • Why UCare

        But frisson is triggered also, no? I mean you cannot get frisson by sheer will power, right?

        • KBerndt

          Yes, I can cause it down my arms, you have to “tickle” your nervous system.

    • patty c

      Try Belly apps…………good for many different things…………… my previous post to learn how to use…………….u ccan download on ur ph “Belly apps”. So many to choose from.

    • Why UCare

      YES!!! I can do that, but I cannot control left or right.. it’s always one wave down my whole body, but I can control the strength of it and it removes my headache when I’m doing it while meditating for just like a minute or less. I can do it anytime I want without any outside triggers…. glad someone is like me.

      • FMM

        i can do that too,just by thinking about it. i’ve always thought it is something spiritual.

        • Why UCare

          AWESOME. I’m not alone. What does it do for you? Does it affect your life like mine?

    • renGek

      I sort of can by using my thumb and finger and slightly pinching the area of my nose between my eyes and sometimes a little higher towards my eyebrows. Works about 50% of the time.

    • Andrew Manzano

      Yes, I can do that too! It gets so powerful that it can make me yawn. Other than that water dripping, people eating, or a clock ticking always triggers it

    • KBerndt

      I can do this as well. I first started learning how to do it in my legs, then after reading other forums l learned how to do it in my neck and upper back. When I do it in my neck I can cause goose pimples down my arms. I also think it is frisson as it is different than ASMR which is much harder to achieve, though I have felt that as well.

      I believe the two are related in some way as I can experience ASMR if I’m relaxed while watching the videos. ASMR is more of a sensation in the head, like a “head high” and makes me feel dreamy.

    • Glenn

      I don’t have exactly what you described, but I can make waves of energy pulsate through my body. It’s really hard to describe. It’s not pleasant, but not painful. It’s almost like I’m twitching with energy inside. I’ve never even attempted to write about it before. This thread’s probably as close to the right place as any. haha

    • Blacklight Enoch

      I get it when I think really inspiring thoughts. And it’ll be a huuuuuge burst if it has anything to do with a metaphysical realization. Mostly I just get it with music, through inspiring lyrics, or cultural sounds. I feel that ASMR helps re-wire the neurons in your brain to let go of negative associations. Like a roadblock of realization just got pulled away, and your perception on something shifts; thanks Ganesha. I believe your mind does it to stimulate more empathy, and it’s the result of ideas connecting.

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  • Savanna Little

    I love it when people floss or when people chew gum and whisper. Also when people play with game controllers.

  • Guest

    I don’t know if I have the asmr described here, but I find myself getting something like ‘warm chills’ along my back and head. They often happen when I relax myself or feel apprehensive. Examples are; during wreck it Ralph when Ralph was falling towards the mentos on coke bottle mountain. I was getting Butt tons of these. Or maybe when I am sort of tense and its a cold day, I move around a little and feel some tingles. I get these tingles whenever I expect something sort of intense to happen; explosions, a crushing impact, the defeat of a character I love. But only when I expect it, never during.

    • JavaBeanJohnny

      That’s frisson, like squallleonhart1 said.

      • Kallie

        Omigosh … I have always wondered what the heck that was. Occasionally when I watch a movie and see someone experience intense pain or severe situation … I sometimes feel a split second of tiny needles all over my body. I thought maybe I was empathizing with the victim or something. Is that what y’all are referring to, though?

  • Claud

    I am intrigued by how vast the ASMR community seems to be. I have strange tingling sensations on the top of my head, so I typed this in to google and ASMR info appeared. On all the different sites and notice boards etc. I have not seen a description however that matches my trigger so I think I might be experiencing something slightly different. My sensations are triggered by people next to me sleeping and beginning to dream. I get the tingle and then become aware that the person is twitching the way people do when they dream. It has happened to me with my boyfriend a lot, my sister once when we had to share a bed. It also happened with a complete stranger next to me on a plane and even once with my cat when he was dreaming. It’s not an unpleasant sensation but I wouldn’t say it was the ecstatic sensory experience that others have described. It has also happened in a more everyday waking experience way, when I worked with a young man with autism who was verbalising in a way that wasn’t clear communicative speech but rather jumbly kind of talk. I am interested if anyone else has had a similar experience to this. Thanks

    • avle

      Yes, i used to meet with a woman once a month. She would get to my desk and start talking. I felt i was in a trance, like she was affecting my brain waves. She had had a brain injury and surgery. I later met another lady who was a neighbor and she had the same effect on me. It was later discovered that she had a brain tumor. I’ve never had that experience before or since except sometimes fluorescent lights cause the same feeling.

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  • patty c

    Dr Oz demo’d this a few wks ago & called it the same thing. So it really depends on where ur thinking is as to how u interpit the name.
    Don’t blame the poor guy for callin it by its actual name.

  • Keely Kapsoff

    I remember the first time i experienced ASMR: I was laying on the couch when i was 5, I think i was having bad dreams and wanted to sleep closer to my parents. The dryer was going and my head was tingling the whole time. I will never forget that first time. Just this year i found out about the ASMR community and i finally have the answer that i have been looking for! So happy!

    • Betty Jarman-Sylvester

      I found out this year also what it was. Now I feel bad for those who do not experience it. It is such a pleasant feeling. Researchers haven’t found out what causes it, but I don’t really care. I definitely don’t want a cure.:)

    • Glenn

      One of the best things about ASMR is our comment threads are always nice.

  • Douglas Bodaczewski

    Pretty cool… I actually teach something very similar in one of my addiction recovery books; Step 2 “The Next Level …” @ basically I show people how to call forth VERY strong emotions in my 5 Step Programming technique (belief modification technique A.K.A. self hypnosis), I can do it at will 24/7 with a very pronounced effect every time. One second at the drop of a dime every time. Interesting to see people experimenting with something very similar… I teach people about will power and how to become a functional personality type instead of an abusive personality type, while they quit using/abusing substances and learn a heck of a lot along the way. But yes in the time it takes to watch this video I could have created literally over 200 emotional responses covering my entire body head to toe with a very pronounced effect each time. It can best be described as a tingling sensation. I am however new to these ASMR videos, but yah very similar stuff. Great video.

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  • indigo

    I’ve have this from videos, but also when there’s no sound involved at all, just from reading descriptions of certain things in fiction.

  • Why UCare

    What if you don’t NEED any triggers? I have been experiencing ASMR just by will since second grade. I can have it whenever I want it, hot or freezing weather, standing, sitting, running, resting, busy, doesn’t matter. I can just do it over and over and over again with very little meditating involved or sometimes even none, just need to focus and BOOM, the brain wave goes throughout my body and the tingling and such. I can even touch some people and they get that weird wonderful sense but very limited. Just recently I can get all my fingers to have tingling feelings (before was just back of my palm, but it’s advancing, but I’m a bit worried if this is good or bad for health..)… Anybody like me at all? I feel so alone in this world for decades… and my friends just think I’m weird and creepy when I perform it (always have goosebumps)

  • Why UCare

    Is there a website or group online that ONLY have people that can do ASMR without any triggers? I’m getting a bit tired of reading posts that only concern about ASMR artists and their work that triggers.. I don’t need any triggers and don’t really care because that’s not me. I want to talk to people like me and discuss the effects it has on our lives. Thanks ahead, and sorry if I sounded irritated but I couldn’t help it when all I read are posts that I cannot relate at all, especially I felt so lonely all these years not able to find anyone else in my world that can just have ASMR whenever they want. Actually most of my friends think I’m weird being able to show them goosebumps on a hot summer day.

    • Mandee

      did you find such a community?

      • Why UCare

        No, and I think the few people that replied with such abilities are fake. I wish I could meet someone like me in person and share our experience, but I have a feeling I’ll never find that.. so alone.

        • Valerie

          Is it similar to psycholagny?

        • Rachelxoxo

          I can do it without triggers. I didn’t really know what it was until today. I guess I just assumed everyone could do it. I just relax my neck and shoulders, and take shallow breaths and then feel tingles all through my head and body. I’ve been doing it all day today. Especially when I think about someone taking care of me or thinking about me. Like I said I didn’t even know this was a thing until today, so maybe I’m way off lol.

          • Why UCare

            So you can do it whenever you want? Does it help your sex life as well, if I may ask?

          • alice

            i don’t know if this is too late to post this here, but I can do this thing that I start in my ears- it kind of sounds like thunder.. and it kind of travels down into the area between my shoulder blades.. sometimes i can do it so intensely that I can shudder. This only becomes an involuntary action when I’m sick. I never thought anything of it before, and past google attempts at “making thunder sounds in your ears” and other silly variations turned fruitless. I don’t know if this is the same thing you guys are talking about it, but if anyone wants to talk to me about it- I’m all ears!

    • Lana Bills

      Hi, WhyUcare,
      Unusual choice of name.. big smiles, I can turn it on or off without my normal triggers, but only just discovered that today when I read an article about it… WOW!! Other people do this too…. I have had this all my life…history leaves room for improvement and I believe this has been an escape from that for me. Dont be lonely!! Crikey, those goosebumps are hard to come by for some people and are a friend in themselves. Not strange, I always freak out going to hairdresser or watching gift wrapping, sure they can see my goosebumps which are SO not sexually motivated!! but until now I have always thought that would be assumed..which is SO wrong, Thank god for waiting rooms and health magazines! All I need to do get a tingle is recall the one I felt this morning.

      • Why UCare

        So you can do it whenever you want? Does it help your sex life if I may ask?

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  • Haris Mustagrudić

    How do you like videos without humans?
    Just nature, and it’s sounds?

    • renGek

      Flute sounds like those in spas work occasionally.

  • ASMR conventions

    Hi ASMR fans,

    How would you guys like to meet some of the ASMRtists in-person? Wouldn’t it be
    rad to see a live ASMR session happen?

    Please check out and like on Facebook “ASMR Conventions”. There is more info on
    that page. I already have some ASMRtists that are already on-board with the
    idea of having a convention.

    “If you build it, they will come”.

  • maxresonance

    Inspired by recently discovering somatic therapist Julie Henderson’s two books, ‘The Hum Book’ and ‘“Embodying Well-Being,’ both of which track many of my self-discovered resonance exercises, I’ve put a new video up on youtube

    and also a new article on my website.
    It took me over 10 years to find folks near my own wavelength, so I’m STOKED!

  • Paul

    Does anyone else find construction sounds are a trigger? Also the sound of lawnmowers…?

  • maxresonance

    This new 7-minute video demonstrates how to achieve knee-knocking bliss states by ‘The Nose Buzz’ or lightly touching your face with a feathery tip of paper.

  • TwoFeetThick

    Wow. I’ve always wondered what that tingling sensation was. I’ve had them as long as I can remember. Now I know. This is great! Thanks!

  • Carlos Cruz

    Finally I have a name to call this feeling I had since a child. The first time I can remember getting this sensation was in my teen years, it was like sparks where going off in the back of my brain that moved from the top back of the brain and traveled downwards. Such an incredible feeling better then Europa if you ask me. The only time this happens to me though is when I’m listening to music. It could be a verse or statement that opened my mind to realizing something or the beat that sets off my tigger. Mine asmr only lasts for a few seconds but it’s worth it. Anyone else has tiggers such as mine?

  • Jennifer

    Wow, I just found out there’s a name for what I’ve experienced. My most common ones are hair being brushed (mine actually done or by watching others getting theirs brushed), people humming a song quietly or watching the cleaning crew at work clean windows and wiping down the countertops.

    • Josh Aker

      I get the hair one. I have three sisters and could never understand why watching them brush their own or eachother’s hair was so pleasurable for me.

    • Monique Taylor Lindquist

      I just started reading about AS MR, I’ve had it aS long as I can remember, but I never knew other people don’t experience it. Mine is definitely triggered by someone cleaning nearby or even at a full service gestation when the clean the windshield. Some voices trigger it, but usually a soft invoice, but nit a whisper

  • Frank

    Why are libs always crying?

  • Fallnluv Yourfuneral

    My ASMR trigger is the inside of the refrigerator. A combination of the cool sensation, the lighting , and the humming sound just takes me to paradise. My experience with ASMR began when I was a toddler. I would open the refrigerator side…sit inside & just zone out. Now I open both sides. The cool frosty mist from the freezer, the lighting from both sides, and the ahh sound the freezer makes along with the humming of the refrigerator side intensifies the tingles :P

    • Glenn

      haha I got a funny image of you paralyzed in bliss in front of your fridge. Good times. :)

  • Jennifer Topf


  • elena

    Bob Ross videos kinda but nope, none of the others :D

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  • Kevin Miguel

    I respond to ASMR video/audio, I just stumbled on this tonight while looking for binaural recordings, I sometimes listen them, I just realized it was to get that tingle. I came across the ‘Oh such a good 3D-sound ASMR video’ on YouTube and I turn off the screen and just listen to the audio. When the woman whispers on one side of my head, I get serious tickle spasms. From childhood, I’m severely ticklish on the entire right side of my body, but not my left. I respond the same way to ASMR. Anything on my right side, I get tingly on the top of my head, back of my neck, parts of my back, and my right knee. I literally have enjoyable spasms and I have to rip the headphones off to stop it. I know most people are ticklish all over. Since I’m really ticklish on my right side, I just thought I was born with all my tickle nerves on one side of my body.

    Anyway, I have no problem sleeping, ever. I usually have a problem getting to bed, because I fall asleep wherever I’m sitting. My big problem is being intimate. If I’m in the middle of business, and I start thinking about my girlfriend’s body touching parts of the right side of my body, I start getting severe tickles and I’ve tossed her to the side because it’s too much for me. It’s one of those things where you tell yourself not to think about it, but it makes you think about it more. My right knee is the worst part. Anyone comes near that knee, not even touching it – they could just sit next to me, and if their leg touches my knee occasionally – I get tickle fits.

    I can’t say it’s a bad thing, because it always makes me laugh. I don’t care that people get annoyed if I suddenly get too ticklish and have to move a few inches away from them. Too bad they don’t experience it!

    Some nights my girlfriend will give me a shoulder massage, and she’ll touch my head, and there’s a spot on the right side above the back of my neck. If she rubs a finger there, my entire body tingles, and if she continues, I turn into a bowl of jello, and I’m drooling and lifeless as my whole body relaxes and tingles.

    I just went through all the videos on this page, and it seems I only respond to female voices. The other videos of scratching and stuff, didn’t do anything for me. Now that I think about it, I don’t get ticklish if I sit next to another guy. Even the music I listen to tend to be all female vocalists. I’m not a sexist, but I guess being a guy, I respond to higher-pitched female voices. At night, I hit the Japanese radio stations on my phone looking for female DJs and if I catch one talking, I close my eyes, and I’m sleeping before I can count to 20.

    Just some info, maybe someone can use it for their data. For me, life is good! What I wouldn’t give for a 24-hour Japanese female radio talk station!

  • Mathew Rakocija

    My main trigger is writing with pen or pencil. Especially against a hard surface. No one writes anymore as it is getting replaced with computers so it’s hard these days. Do you know of any organizations researching this? I came across but didn;t get much feedback.

  • Tobalsan

    Hey i was wondering if anoyone was willing to pay a few bucks to experience sort of a live personalized ASMR performance ?
    I know ASMR is also a lot about personal attention, sadly i don’t know anyone IRL who could give me an ASMR session, so I’d definitely be willing to pay a little (not big money though) to have an ASMR artists do his/her thing for me.

    What are your thoughts on this ?

  • hannah

    The nail tapping really soothed me. Asmr videos are amazing!

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  • Ross Ozarka

    Watch my ASMR video:

  • hrtuvau

    I have never heard of ASMR or its triggers, but having just read the article – all I can say is THANK YOU! I have wondered for years why certain things like just silently “humming” the tune of song inside my head induces a full body reaction (goosebumps), or as the author mentioned, someone brushing my hair, or lightly running fingertips over my skin – my arms especially – induces goosebumps. It is such a pleasant soothing feeling but I never knew why. I’ve spent my adult life thinking I was “weird” but I guess I”m not. The soothing arm rubbing I’ve experienced since a child – I used to pay my younger siblings to rub my arms for me..= ). I will definitely read up more on this.

  • Lance Combs

    I don’t know if this counts as “personal attention” or is a separate trigger, but I used to get it from praise from adults when I was a child.

  • Mandy Werner-Smith

    I don’t deny that AMSR exists. However, it is one thing to have it happen spontaneously and react, it’s quite another thing to then be creating websites, videos and the like and obsessively listening to things that cause this reaction. It’s called perversion. Look it up you bunch of f**king freaks.

  • PaulG

    I told a massage therapist I could feel waves of energy in my body when I focused and quieted down. While they were in another room I did so and the person came back and said I shouldn’t do that…and said they could feel what I was doing. ??

  • coloradoerica

    I have never heard of anyone who has this other than me. When I try to describe it to people they think I’m nuts. I am 33 and randomly Googled the feeling last night and to my surprise all sorts of videos popped up! I’ve been able to do this since I was very young and of course have always loved it. Some things that trigger me that are not listed are salespeople. Specifically telemarketers even if they don’t have an accent. As well it is not always audio triggers for me. If I read a personalized horoscope this works or even those scam emails…you know the prince in Nigeria ones. I would love suggestions on asmr reading triggers so I can trigger this when I am at work without everyone hearing! One final thought…this is always my go to when I need to help with a hangover! Makes it go away for a while

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  • Butternut

    Slow hand movements, especially sliding fingertips against the palm of the other hand, blow my mind.

  • Sean

    I have a lot of the “normal” ASMR triggers, but I also get HUGE tingles from the sound of people running a circular saw, band saw or arc welder. Does anybody else get “head-numbies” from machinery — if so, have you found a source for good triggering? The best I have been able to find are PBS shows like New Yankee Workshop or old episodes of This Old House. I have spliced together different “machine” audio files to create longer trigger files, but they never seem to work as well as those files that are created by someone else.

  • Kyle Nelson

    Is it possible for someone to only have tactile triggers? I’ve been into ASMR for some time now for its relaxing nature but have never been triggered by anything other than physical sensations.

  • disqus_nkPZU7mPpa

    Hey guys, check out these new ASMR forums:

    I made these pretty recently, so they’re lacking in posts, but I’d appreciate if you checked em’ out if you are interested!

  • Jeannette Hon
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  • sqsq

    yeh orgasmatron didnt seem right

  • Jacqui

    Videos where people are trying to evoke ASMR do not work as well for me. It is when I stumble upon it unexpectedly that it works best

  • Jay Sleeze

    So far I have experienced all The common ASMR triggers. However the best ones are those when I’m listening to music, more specifically electronic or EDM. As chessy as sounds I have discovered that my ASMR can be triggered during the end of climatic build ups or bass drops and the feeling is pure bliss. All you need is a decent pair of noise cancelling headphones or an isolated room with kickass Sub … Works every time

    ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ ASMR is Dope!

  • Lari

    I didn’t know there was a name for this! I experience the shivers whilst just sitting and using my imagination to draw white light into the top of my head and the sensation just shoots down my spine like bubbling tickles. Kinda cool to do it on command, but even more fun when it happens randomly through certain music, power tools, meditations, and someone else touching certain fabrics ~ for e few examples. Mostly only occurs when I am already relaxed though.

  • Killrog

    Looking for someone who can control these and not need videos or sounds, anyone out there? I’ve mastered this and pushed beyond to send the goosebumps to parts of my body at will. Also tested with sending the goosebumps into another person, which oddly enough they felt. I was able to keep my hand 1 inch away from this person, had the person look the opposite way, and push thing energy into them asking them when they felt it, they were able to tell me the exact times i did.