Bob Ross Videos For ASMR

One of the classic ASMR triggers is Bob Ross. Bob Ross was an artist that painted landscapes on his own television show, teaching people his techniques as he went and demonstrating to viewers how they could produce such paintings themselves at home. Since Bob Ross has been on television for some time it is quite common for Bob Ross to be the first ASMR trigger that people experience. Many people only discover that ASMR exists by looking for Bob Ross videos online.

Why is Bob Ross Such a Common ASMR Trigger?

If you look at Bob Ross videos you can see a great combination of common triggers. First, and perhaps most noticeably is his voice and the way he talks, he doesn’t whisper but is quite softly spoken and very calm. Next we have personal attention, he acts almost as if he is just standing in your living room giving a one-on-one class about painting directly to you. He is also incredibly focused on the task at hand, painting, another common ASMR trigger. Add on top of these some brush sounds as he collects paint from his palette and applies it to the canvas and you have just about the perfect storm of ASMR triggers.

Where Can I Find Bob Ross Videos To Trigger My ASMR?

There are certainly many Bob Ross videos available on You Tube and similar sites, and these are a good source if you really want to get a snippet of Bob Ross right now, however they are mostly short two or three minute clips and often of quite poor quality. If you want to take your Bob Ross ASMR experience up a notch you should really get your hands on one or two Bob Ross DVDs. You can go all out and get a box set including nine hours of Bob Ross, or if you’re not quite that addicted just one of the three hour workshop DVDs might suit you better. Either way it is really handy to have a DVD you can put into your player when you feel like triggering some ASMR without the hassle of searching through YouTube for a long enough clip that’ll do it for you – not to mention tackling those loud and obnoxious YouTube Ads that can ruin the whole experience.

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