ASMR Videos – Cranial Nerve Exams

If you’ve browsed through even just a few ASMR videos online you have probably come across at least one or two cranial nerve exam role plays. These are a common role play trigger, because it is a doctors examination with a relatively long procedure that involves many physical instructions and talking to the patient. These sort of interactions work well in ASMR videos, whereas many procedures, taking a blood test for example, aren’t quite as believable when seen through a screen because of the lack of physical contact, and are much shorter. The test can also contain many ASMR triggers because of the variety of steps involved.

What is a cranial nerve exam? Do they really exist?

Yes they are a real thing, they are essentially an examination which is looking for a particular type of neurological damage. This damage can be caused by tumour growth, multiple sclerosis, or a number of other conditions. There are twelve cranial nerves to be tested, thus there are many parts of the exam which look at a range of different stimuli, senses and responses (ie. twelve different opportunities for ASMR triggers).

Intentional ASMR Cranial Nerve Exam Role Play Videos

These videos are simulations of cranial nerve exams designed specifically to trigger ASMR. This means that generally the “doctor” is addressing the camera as they would the patient, to heighten to sense of person attention. Often other triggers, clicking pens, shuffling papers, whispering, will also be combined with the triggers already in the exam to further enhance the ASMR experience. Remember these are not real doctors, nor real exams, and should only be watched if the ASMR tingles.

Below is a collection of some of the best cranial nerve exam videos I have seen. I’ve tried to judge quality on more than just my personal ASMR experience, since everybody’s triggers are different. These videos all have high quality sound, but they are all different so they probably won’t all do it for you equally. I’d recommend going full screen for the best effect.

Unintentional ASMR Cranial Nerve Exam Videos

These are demonstrations of real cranial nerve exams, whilst probably much more medically sound, they don’t have the same level of personal attention due to the fact that they aren’t directed at the camera and include an actual patient. So if these are strong ASMR triggers for you, they might not get you tingling.