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The majority of the ASMR community online is focused on ASMR videos. These are videos which are designed specifically for triggering people’s ASMR. They are often very relaxing, even if they don’t trigger your ASMR reaction. Most of the videos you will easily find on You Tube are what is called intentional ASMR videos, but there are also unintentional videos. Unintentional videos are videos that were originally made for another purpose but just happen to provide ASMR triggers for some people. Many ASMR video creators are expert at creating guided meditations, however production values vary greatly from video shot from iPhone cameras to complete 3D sounds and special effects.

You Tube ASMR Videos

Like all online video You Tube is probably the major source. Some of my favorite ASMR video producers include pigsbum53GentleWhispering, TheOneLilium although there are many more. A simple You Tube search for ASMR produces a huge number of results, and if you add in a specific trigger you can get almost any ASMR video you could dream of.

Common Themes in ASMR Videos

Their are many video styles that you will find repeat quite often in the ASMR community, often with a slightly different take. Here are some collections we have put together for you.

  • Cranial Nerve Exams – we look at what a cranial nerve exam actual is, and round up a list of the best cranial nerve exam videos for ASMR, including both intentional and unintentional versions. 

Other Sources of ASMR Videos

  • ASMR SubReddit - This is one of the main hubs of communication for the ASMR community online. People share both intential and unintential videos as they find them online, and a voting system determines which are most popular at any one time.
  • SootheTube – This site is a database and collect of many ASMR videos from across the web, all arranged into categories so you can easily find what you are looking for.
  • ASMR Hub – Another great collection of ASMR videos neatly arranged into categories with a well designed system to navigate between them.
  • ASMR Studio – This site aggregate ASMR videos that I probably wouldn’t have found otherwise. They also offer resources for the creators of videos to submit their own and set up individual mini-sites, well worth a look.
  • Tyngli – Answer some questions and get ASMR videos that hit your triggers recommended, like Pandora for ASMR.

  • DianaDew Asmr

    You mentioned some of the greatest whisperers. I love them, especially Maria. I just started my channel and have been using top notch equipment and will be receiving my 3D mic soon, I’ll leave you the link to channel so you can enjoy them :D thanks for article!!

    • Jeff Thomson

      Thanks for the feedback, I’m heading over to check out your videos now.

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    Great info Thank you, please stop by

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      No worries.

  • Maria Cristinelli please check out my first ever ASMR video!!

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      Check out my first time reading the book :)

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    Hey, I wanna share my channel too: By the way, great video Maria

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    Full length Movie! ☓☓⚗ [A]≶≶kicking [S]ounds of [M]ass [R]elaxation ☭☓☓

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    I founded a nice asmrvideo in hungary.

  • Temoshi’s Toy Box ASMR

    This is my first ASMR test, I will be making more later.

  • Massimo Tarantelli

    What do you think about this kind of trigger?

  • Temoshi’s Toy Box ASMR

    I have a new trigger sound video (no talking):

    I find I get more tingles from this than most asmr videos. Let me know what you think in the comments!

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  • AlohaAsmr Hennelani

    Ive been working on my own channel and would love ot if fellow ASMR fans checked out my latest video! Much love :)
    Aloha ASMR.

  • SensorAdi

    ASMR precise and slooow cleaning ears. 3Dio Free Space PRO. Pure Binaural ear to ear

  • SensorAdi

    This time, the main role is played by sticky roller. Checking how sounds on different surfaces. Binaural whisper from ear to ear with a 3dio free space pro. I use wooden boards, a lot of scratch and tapping.

  • SensorAdi

    ASMR RELAX Better Sleep. 3Dio Ear to Ear Whispers, Balloon Pumping, Tapping Crinkling.

  • SensorAdi

    █▬█ █ ▀█▀ This ASMR Scratching Session (LONG) give You Best Tingles! 3Dio Free space pro Binaural

  • David

    Check out my first gift wrapping binaural ASMR video:

  • Joy Scola

  • Joy Scola

  • Joy Scola

    Star Wars role play ASMR! Enjoy you guys!!!

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  • Joy Scola

  • Joy Scola

  • Joy Scola

  • Joy Scola

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  • Joy Scola

  • Cynthia Navarro

    Hi friendssss — thank you for blessing me for so long with tingles. Here is my contribution to such a bautiful community.

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    hey hunnys give my asmr intro a little looksie very much appreciate it

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    Our most popular video. It works so good for me.

  • ASMR Paradise

  • ASMR Paradise

  • ASMR Paradise

  • ASMR Paradise

  • FernandoCrisantos

    What is the best asmr?

  • Samantha Gipson

    Video features soft and intense sounds including tapping, tweezing,

    gloves and ear drop sounds.

  • Conjured Fantasy

  • Conjured Fantasy

  • Conjured Fantasy

  • Asmr Kyra

    ASMR Kyra

  • ASMResource

    Hi Guys!!
    We have created a Overlaid Sounds video series on YouTube. Hopefully the videos will give you amazing *tingles* :-)

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    ASMR — Butt tapping — No fetish weirdos

  • chacha

    This is my video :) JUST cutting sponge sound and chit chat :)

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    BEST ASMR PLAY WITH ME (MOUTH SOUND, BEARD SOUND, TAPPING and MANY MORE) >>My FIRST VIDEO>> BEST ASMR is only CALLED SERIES Please check and tell me you HATE it or LIKE it. And tell me in comment how can I improve. Thanks. LINK TO VIDEO.

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    Hope this can help :D:

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  • Izzy Iwinnedagain

    ASMR Gun- Bushmaster XM15-E2S- Izzy shows her semi-automatic rifle while speaking soflty…

  • Stefen Matias
  • Univers ASMR

    ASMR, Massage on my hands :) Relax and enjoy ^^

  • James

    ASMR Fire Crackle and melting candy

  • James

    Hear the butter hiss/pop/crackle under the heat of the fire

  • James
  • Nika

  • Charisma Lynn Rasmussen

    clicking noises, glass, no talking… video is kind of quiet

  • ASMR Paradise

    Please watch :D

  • MeSoSleepy ASMR

    Mixed trigger video with hand movements and sounds!

  • Snazzy Jazzy

    Guys, I highly recommend PPOMO ASMR. And yes, it does have two Ps.

  • Prinzessa Klee

  • Vlad Walker

  • Vlad Walker


    My comedy group made a funny ASMR Roleplaying video! Enjoy!

  • Trick or Treat ASMR

    Hey Guys! check out my first asmr video :]


    Check out my ASMR videos and please subcribe and like, I will be making more soon!!

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  • Tazed22

    I have been practicing RMSA for 2 years personally and it has helped me a lot with my sleep problems.
    I also like the very “social” side of this practice!
    For beginners I advise you the one that is no longer presented, it’s perfect, almost all the biggest ASMR are referenced and there are new ones every day.
    For the initiated you don’t need me, on the contrary I want you to make me discover it, I don’t know everything by heart yet!

    ( sorry for my english i’m french ^_^)


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  • DrkLippie ASMR

    Hello All, I am a new ASMRtist. Here’s my very first #ASMR video Cheers!

  • DrkLippie ASMR

    Hi i’m Lady! A new ASMRtist. Here’s my new video! Hope it gives you tingles!

  • DrkLippie ASMR

    NEW VIDEO ALERT! Enjoy the tingles and please SUBSCRIBE and SHARE the tingles!

  • ASMR her

    Anybody looking for some unusual ASMR? Check here:

  • ASMR her

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    The Briefest of Whispering Welcomes to the new ASMR channel. Many thanks to all and Peace be with you.

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    Hi, it’d be great to get feedback on this video. Thanks!

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    I love watching #ASMR, and I also enjoy creative ways of making ASMR content too! I hope it helps you to chill out and sleep! :) zzz


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