Insomnia Cures – ASMR can help cure your insomnia

Have you been searching for an insomnia cure? Do you have trouble sleeping night after night? Whilst there are many different perspectives on insomnia cures, if you experience ASMR (what’s ASMR?) and insomnia then you should defiantly look into trying it out as an insomnia cure. Since in many ways ASMR videos are simply guided meditations they can be very relaxing, and the tingles provide further distraction from any thing that might be preventing you from sleeping.

There are many ASMR videos design specifically to help you with insomnia and put you to sleep, some of my favorites are below. The best way to do it is to lye on your bed with the laptop showing the video beside you. Usually the relaxing ASMR effect is best felt through the use of headphones, however some people have trouble getting to sleep wearing headphones, so this is entirely up to you. My recommendation is to get yourself a pair of SleepPhones which are headphones designed specifically to be comfortable to sleep in.

If you don’t like having your laptop in bed, perhaps you would prefer to listen to just listen to the audio of the ASMR videos. Or alternatively there are sleep meditation tracks that you can download from Brain Sync that are designed to help you get to sleep and cure your insomnia.

Insomnia Cures


Thee are just some examples of videos that are designed to help you sleep, but most ASMR videos that include your personal triggers, and that you find relaxing will probably help you sleep.

None of these ASMR Triggers work for you?

Orgasmatron - an alternative ASMR trigger

Not everybody experiences ASMR, so it could be you fall into this group. Alternatively your triggers might simply be more obscure. If you can’t find anything that triggers the ASMR sensation for you, the only other way (that I know of) to experience the sensation is with a head massaging tool called the orgasmatron. Personally this produces tingles that are much more intense than any other ASMR trigger for me.  It is also a great way to explain the ASMR sensation to other people. They’re really cheap too.