The ASMR Lab was started because when I first found out about ASMR and wanted to learn as much about it as possible, to find out the best ways to to trigger the feeling. The problem /i faced was that, even though there were a few sites dedicated to ASMR I couldn’t find a definitive resource. None of these sites seemed to have all the information I wanted to get started all in the one place. So I decided to put together my own page, to collect the information as I learnt it, so that others could have an easier time when they discovered ASMR and what it can do.

How Did I Come To ASMR?

I remember getting the head tingles as a school kid. Certain teachers could be talking about the most boring subjects, yet these were the classes I’d look forward to. I found certain people’s voices incredibly relaxing, and almost hypnotizing  I didn’t understand this, but I knew every time I encountered one of these people I would try and hold onto the buzzing feeling in my head as long as possible. I didn’t go out looking for things or people to trigger this feeling, but I did look forward to those classes which I knew would  provide it. Overall I didn’t think too much of it, and it never occurred to me to talk about it because it was so difficult to explain.

This sort of relationship with ASMR continued through my years at university. I found some lecturers incredibly interesting and relaxing, regardless of their topic. This was also around about the time that there were several “late night quiz shows” where they presented puzzles on the TV for people to phone in with their answers. They made money from premium call rates. Most of the actual programs on TV were the presenters talking directly at the camera, not saying much just padding out the time between the callers they decided to air. Sometimes these presenters would slow down there speech, they’d dim the studio lights and the presenters would almost be whispering. This was the most profound experience I had with ASMR up to this point. I would watch these late night TV shows just waiting for the hosts to switch into this mode and relax me, to help me go to sleep.

Regardless of these experiences, I never thought to much of these feelings. I didn’t understand them, but they were positive so they weren’t something that worried me. But in early 2013 I heard the This American Life story about ASMR, and as soon as it was described I immediately knew what they were talking about. And I knew that I was one of these people. So I began work on this site to collect the information I learnt and to share it with others like me.

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    Hi Guys!
    We have created a Overlaid Sounds video series on YouTube. Hopefully the videos will give you amazing *tingles* :-)

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    Hello All, I am Lady, a new ASMRtist, here is my very first #ASMR video. Cheers!